Sunday, September 23, 2012

Baroque Manicure: Option 1

Yep, you read right ladies, "Option 1"! I had so much fun creating ideas for baroque inspired manicures that I couldn't stop after only one. As I mentioned last week, I am currently obsessed with this trend (I even made a bronzed baroque-esq hair clasp seen in this BOMW post for an upcoming hair tutorial). Its just amazing how prevalent this trend was amongst the runway shows during NYFW and now I've seen it spill into so many other blogs (remember you heard it here first guys haha!). I did a total of 5 manicures, some are a bit over the top incorporating many elements and textures-but hey it's supposed to be over the top, right? I will be sharing them with you throughout the week. Also check out my "Baroque My Heart" board on pinterest (see if you can catch which pins inspired which manicures).

 The decadent colors and metals from the LANVIN show inspired this first look. Copper leafing, baubles, rose gold, and an intense royal blue lends itself to this whimsical, rich mash up of unique charm... 

What You'll Need:

Base Coat: I used Chip skip and Orly top to bottom-This is very important because blue pigments stain more than any other nail lacquer
Royal Blue Polish: I used Color Club in, "INSTA-THIS"
Rose Gold Polish: I used Orly in, "Rage"
Copper Glitter Polish with multiple sized flecks: I used Orly in, "watch it glitter"
Royal Blue small round beads: One for each nail. I found mine at the craft depot for jewelry making
Tweezers: Helpful for applying the beads to wet polish
Fast Drying Top Coat: I used Seche Vite

What You'll Do:

First prep the nail, a long length really adds to the drama so I had to let mine grow out for a week before I did this. I usually like short nails with rounded square like this, or this, and this but for this I went a bit more round and long than normal
Apply your base coat and allow a it to dry, make sure you wrap your free edges with base as well to prevent staining, Apply 1-2 coats of blue polish (I only needed one because color club tends to be highly pigmented giving excellent coverage in a single coat.
Apply your glitter coat, just one, we want the beads to be obvious so too much glitter will distract from it.
Now for some top coat multitasking, ***Seche Vite (see side note) can also we used as an adhesive for nail art, so while your nails still wet a carefully place one blue bead centered at the top of each nail bed and allowed everything to dry for about 2-3 minutes.
After your beads are on and you're all dried, apply a drop of rose gold polish just to the top of your bead leaving the blue base to blend in with the polish below, It should start looking like a metallic pearl or gold bauble at this point.
After your rose gold bead dries add a bit of the copper glitter flecks to give it some depth and detail. Try and get a few big flakes on each bead. 

And Voila! Your Baroque/LANVIN Inspired Manicure! Stay tuned for the others!

***Note on Seche Vite. SV should be used on somewhat wet polish, its a rapid drying leveling lacquer for professionals so in order for it to work optimally you'll want to use it correctly. Here are a few tips on how to use it right and make it last longer.
I had this girl say she didn't love this top coat not to long ago, and it was because she wasn't using it right, wasn't beading it at the top or wrapping the free edge, and left the lid open way too long which turns it to cement and didn't know it has to be broken down every so often with its thinning agent. By far it is the BEST top coat but its a waste of money if you don't use it correctly. Also, don't get SV on your skin, it contains some funky chemicals, if you do get some on there have a corrector pen or acetone soaked cotton swab on hand, sorry for that long nail lesson, I just don't want you guys wasting money on a product just because you didn't know the correct way to use it***


  1. wow you're so talented at nail art! I can barely manage to paint my nails let alone make these fancy modifications! looks gorgeous. :) so inspiring!

  2. I LOVE this manicure - the colors are magical! I can't wait to try it!

    Two Leaf Clover

  3. Allison-Don't be afraid to try! I make the tutorials really simple to follow

    Megan-Let me know how it goes, I'd love to see pics from both of your versions!

    Thanks so much guys :)


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