Monday, September 10, 2012


This past week has been incredibly busy, I didn't even realize that in all the commotion I forgot to post these "bits of my week" When I remembered today, it was during a mid-morning crisis and I thought- wow! this blog really is a place to appreciate the little things in the midst of a life's chaos, at least for me it is.
After a crazy week these are the bits that made it all worth it...
 The Vogue skull-crusher! When Daniel was in college we'd call one another no matter where we were mid September, and page through this thick issue together over the phone.
A new bakery opened in our neighborhood, so we had to check it out...
We we're lucky enough to meet the owner!
and try some yummy salty and sweet flavored cupcakes!
 After the insane sugar high that ensued I made a summer salad (recipe post will be up soon).
I have had an absolute blast brainstorming for my baroque manicure! Friday afternoon I went to see Carmella (my secret pharmacy friend who always saves the best samples and coupons for me)...
Carmella is one of the nicest people I know! I enjoy going to see her every few weeks to talk about nail/fashion trends. Did you guys know that Minx are now DIY!?! these babies will be part of the Baroque manicure for sure!

Jeremy and I got caught in a freak thunderstorm after stopping by our brother-in-laws smoothie place for an afternoon snack...there has been a serious amount of food in my life this week!
 Kind of random but how adorable are these antique shakers!?!

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  1. Those cupcakes look amazing! I spy a Kismet Collection ring! :)

    Looks like an amazing week!


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