Hi I'm Niec, welcome to Easy Peazy!

I started Easy Peazy in 2012 as a much needed creative outlet. A forum with which I can share everything from DIY/craft/beauty to color theory or a great art show I see, as well as informative articles I find relevant to our generation, a recipes here and there, and other random inspirations. After about a year I took a bit of a break. I lost someone very close to me and I needed time to cope and re-evaluate what was important to me, it was a wake up call to how short life is and how important it is to savor the moment. So here I am a bit older, hopefully a bit wiser.

 That said- here is a few things about me and my little family unit...
 I am a bit of a science geek, I always have been, always will be. My formal training is in biomedical engineering and cellular biology/virology, I hold advanced degrees in both, and if I could, I'd do more, I love learning! At times my geek will show a little... unless there is a zombie attack, in which case there will be a zombie preparedness link added for my readers safety.
I also have a background in art and photography, I attended a visual and preforming arts magnet school (a billion years ago) and was swept away to galleries at least once a week and given the amazing opportunity to be taught by some excellent teachers and fellow students. Periodically I may post a link to a show or show case an exhibit of a friend. I love sharing what some of my fellow alumni are doing to make this world more beautiful.
In 2005, I met the greatest guy ever at a party my brother dragged me too, I was a science geek tomboy with a saves the day t-shirt, he was a whiskey drinking southern gentleman born in New Orleans. Add that to the fact that we both were Aquarius, made it a match in heaven and...

Within a year of meeting he proposed at Disney World, and I said, F$@# YES!
 In 2009, after a 3 year engagement we had our dream courthouse wedding, and just like that, I was married to my best friend!
We have a fur baby named Rilo aka BaBoosh aka BabyLove A huge German Shepherd that would do nothing but give kisses for free all day if she could

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