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Why We Went Natural:
I've mentioned for months now about my love for natural products, when applicable I try to buy the best products for my family. Whether its my vegan deoderant by Soapwalla, Toms natural toothpaste, White Magick Alchemy Oils or South Austin Soap People Soaps (used in my basic manicure or for washing Rilo) or Solstice Scents for my apothecary needs. When it comes to the skin and health of my family I want the best! These days I feel like consumers are left in the dark about a lot of what goes into products. The sad fact is that big companies pump out "soaps" full of chemicals that are just too strong or bad for us. The viscous cycle ensues when these products are made and marketed so cheaply! For most families it seems unimportant to even think about switching to natural soaps. We are a nation obsessed with economizing and we're conditioned to believe that "common" skin ailments are normal. These are all common misconceptions, I will share links at the end for soaps that are around the same price as popular brands, are multitasking (for hair, face, shaving and body) and these large bars will last twice as long, they suds up the same as traditional brands, they don't leave any residue (another common misconception of natural soap use) and smell great without using harsh artificial perfume additives.
To believe that one can avoid all of the "bad" chemicals is unrealistic, its doing little things that make a huge impact, like buying a natural product when you can or telling a friend why you would like to buy natural. If you only take one thing from this post, please watch this video The story of cosmetics it is incredibly informative and really made me think about what I put in and on my body. Why it is incredibly ignorant to think I can escape all products that contain unhealthy/harsh chemicals, being informed is a step in the right direction. So I ask you guys to watch and read, and above all be informed consumers...

What you want to look for when picking a good natural soap are:

Paraben Free
Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS and SLES) Free
Artificial Fragrance Free
Artificial Coloring/ Dye Free
Alcohol Free
No Preservatives
And always-Biodegradability and NEVER animal tested

Here is what we use from top top to bottom:
Frankincense & Myrrh Vegan Bar- This bar has walnut husk in it so is an excellent to exfoliate with weekly or use for shaving
Unscented Natural Soap Bar-This is good for sensitive parts/Lady bits. its full of oatmeal and aloe to soothe sensitive areas.
Peppermint Oatmeal Bar- Excellent for tired feet at the end of the day with bits of oatmeal that exfolliates (this is Jeremy's Favorite Soap for everyday use).
Tea Tree Facial Bar- This is my favorite bar, I use it everyday on my face morning and night and it has done wonders for my acne issues!
Mint Slice Bar- This is my everyday soap for hair and body. This can come in odd shapes but I promise its such a great bar!

Learn more About soap and its benefits when natural here. Take a look at whats lurking in your soap here
A list of what to look for when soap shopping here along with Natural Soap Botiques recipes to all their popular soaps here
You can check for popular additives in common brands here. And read a report on a few dangers behind   toxicology of SLS/SLES here


Yesterday afternoon I received a lovely package in the mail that smelled so amazing I had to drop what I was doing and take a moment to appreciate the sweet smell emanating from my mailbox. Its no secret that I'm in love with essential oils and natural soaps. One of the first things I learned in organic chemistry was how to make soap, I've since had an intense appreciation for the work and care that goes into essential oil blends and the art of simplicity that goes along with its use in soaps. Fast forward a few years and while at a Reiki workshop I was given a book on aromatherapy and started using scent as a form of healing and relaxation, the book basically told me what I had known for some time-scent plays a role in mood. Since, I have been on an endless search for the perfect calming blend . I am pretty sure I found it...
  You'd be amazed at how hard it is to find blends of oils in good condition, some go rancid quickly and require delicate care, some cannot be exposed to light, and some need carrier oils before application. White Magick Alchemy is one of those few places that uses excellent ingredients and exemplifies the care and time needed to create the perfect blend. Nancy Upshaw is a genius! Not only was my Frankincense and Myrrh oil packaged to perfection but she also sent a huge blend of dried sage, lavender, and rose hips as a free gift, a beautiful post card and handwritten note. I'm so excited to try her other blends. If you are interested in trying out oils for general well-being or just want a personalized perfume alternative (that last longer than most department store brands and doesn't contain additives) then check out Nancy's website: White Magick Alchemy I recommend all of her blends but my favorite would have to be the Frankincense and Myrrh. Both of these ingredients have been used for centuries to promote relaxation, and reduce inflammation their scent  is a sweet earthy blend that is reminiscent of aged leather, vanilla and musk, with a very light note of citrus. Its complex and melodic scent will be a staple of fall for me.

I rarely wear deodorant, aside from the awful chemical smell and feeling like there is cream cheese in my armpits, I sweat very little and have a non existent body odor, Ive been told I have a smaller set of sweat glands so attribute that freakish malformation to my not so typical body size.
Sometimes if it is reeeeally hot I will wear a non scented hypoallergenic antiperspirant so that if I do sweat I wont make small wet spots on my clothes. But this is where my issues comes in, I HATE the chemicals in antiperspirant, they're typically full of parabens and chemicals that aren't great for anyone. So usually I just say NO! But what about all you other women that need to wear deodorant/antiperspirant? The healthy ones with normal sweat glands, you deserve a natural chemical free deodorant experience.
I may have found the secret bullet!

Rachel Winard from Etsy shop Soapwalla has made an all natural vegan friendly deodorant cream!!!
And my goodness does it smell delicious! Rich with jojoba oil, lavender and mint, vegetable powders and clays. Shes a genius and at 12 bucks a pop you cant beat the price! Even if you use this some of the time you'll have softer smoother underarm skin, its like armpit spa therapy.
I haven't tried any of the other Soapwalla products but will be ordering more to review within the month.


  •  Mario Badescu was recommended by my Abuela (of course she did because she is awesome!). If for only the smell you must try this product, its like you split open an Aloe Vera plant and bottled it! It rinses away make-up dirt and oil while leaving your skin balanced, and by balanced I mean if you didn't have time to moisturize after using this, you'd be fine! No tight feeling, and I'm a Retin-A user! A plus with this product is its soap free, it also exfoliates with papaya and citrus which is great in the summer from all the build up you get from sweating. Did I mention its only 12 bucks?!?
  •  I have been a long time user of Bobbi Brown cosmetics, as a teenager I searched high and low for a color match for my Hispanic olive toned skin. My mother introduced me to Bobbi Brown and I have been a happy customer ever since! In the cooler months or when I need heavier coverage I use the Oil Free Even Finish Compact Foundation, But on a hot summer day, this tinted light coverage mix is perfection the added SPF is a bonus but I usually double up with a sunscreen if I'm going to be out in the sun long. Bobbi has great videos on how to use the product correctly, check out the link above and look around a bit.
  • Earth Science's Clarifying herbal astringent helps clear up any break outs and is good to swipe in your T-zone to prevent a shine, for those of you with more combo-dry skin I wouldn't recommend an astringent at all. But if you're on the shiny side like me this astringent is perfect, it has witch hazel which is a natural astringent that calms redness. This product is also paraben free.
  • Kiehls has always been a staple in my medicine cabinet for the many skin woes of my adolescence, but the two products I've always stuck by have been the #1 Lip balm which doesn't contain phenol or salicylic acid (YES that salicylic acid that eats away at zits! Surprisingly these two ingredients are added to many of the brands most of us love, sadly they perpetuate dry chapped lips instead of solving the problem because they want you to keep buying the product). Khiels lip balm is a bit more expensive but worth it because it will heal and protect your lips eliminating a constant need for lip balm and chap stick. The added SPF is a bonus.
  • Damage Repair Serum also by Kiehls packs all the antioxidants you can imagine into a light gel that absorbs instantly and leaves your face feeling nourished and refreshed. It repairs old damage (because lets face it, we were all 15 once and baked by the pool a few summers with nothing more than a bikini and some SPF4 oil), and speeds up the renewal of current damage, ie-That popped zit that left a funky scabby patchy thing, it will fade quicker! This product is also certified organic.
  • Jo Malone is an excellent producer of pure, timeless, elegant scents, period. I have not smelled one scent I did not enjoy by this brand. This year Wild Bluebell is my summer scent its light and earthy, it literally smells like fresh bluebells and there is a very distinct undertone of dewy grass, I kid you not! its like waking up in a field every morning when i put it on!
  •  Moroccan oil hydrating styling cream, I stand by the original oil most of the year but in the summer it can be a bit too saturating, even for my thick curls so I switched over to the cream. You'd think the cream would be more saturating but its light and packed with the same delicious scent as the original. Check out the link I placed above, the Moroccanoil website has a pretty interesting video on using the product correctly which will not only show you how to conserve your product but also how to get the best out of it and make it work for you.

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