Monday, September 3, 2012

I'd like you to meet...

Save The Redwood League
Ursus the Moon Bear

Hopefully all of you are knee deep in ocean/pool water soaking up the last rays of summer with bbq in hand! I wanted to stop in real quick and introduce you guys to a new friend of Easy Peazy that will be a staple on the blog. A few weeks ago I raved about Nancy Upshaw and her shop White Magick Alchemy, well I'd like to make sure if you all are ever interested in buying essential oils (or natural soaps from fellow store Solstice Scents) that a few things will happen soon after your purchase.
But first, Id like to say- I know in the blogosphere a lot of us advertise for monetary reasons, I'm not knocking that, if you make money from blogging and its a brand you love go for it! BUT, I have always promised to never endorse or advertise a product I don't use myself, and believe in.  I am never rewarded on the fact that I push a product. That, said I'd like to tell you more about Nancy and her shop, White Magick Alchemy. Nancy gives a large amount of her own revenue to several charitable organizations. She truly is a modern day Robin hood! She is passionate about animals so a lot of what comes from you or I, she gives directly to animals in Asia to stop Bear bile farming. She also donates to save what I believe to be  a national treasure, our redwoods, through "Save the Redwoods. She also is a silent donator to private/personal charities, Nancy is the type of person that sees a need in someone she passes on the street so she'll give them the proceeds from that day to help them get on there feet. she gives the best way possible, without recognition or merit. She doesn't even realize I had planned to write this up! Her passion is people and animals, the oils/shop (although an excellent product) are a means to do so, its never been about the money for her. This is why she is not only a friend of Easy Peazy ( now displayed on my side bar) but why she is a personal friend and hero. Thank you so much Nancy for all you do!

If you're interested in knowing more about charities Nancy Upshaw helps check out her Moon Bear Candles, proceeds go directly to Moon Bear Rescue.
If you would like to make donations straight to the charities Nancy donates to, or just find out more about them visit Animals Asia, More about Moon Bears and the Bile Bear trade, and Save the Redwoods.

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  1. This is awesome! love the awareness/caring about animals and nature!


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