Thursday, September 6, 2012

On a rainy day like today...

 Our 2009 elopement announcement with our favorite Kerouac quote

Today is filled with that wonderful rainy day beauty, you know when your bed needs to stay unmade, sheets stay crisp, and tea and a big soft sweater is the only thing you want. I love these types of days, where its so quiet and calm, all you can hear your tea kettle whistle and the water dancing alongside the curb in response to passerbys. Everything gets that haze, that beautiful and romantic rainy day haze to it, you finish your books and crossword puzzles, and perhaps visit the memories of significant rainy day of the past.
Jeremy and I got married on a day like today. As our third anniversary approaches, I took a minute to reflect on that day and how much it felt serene and calm like today. I think I love rainy day beauty more than any other type of day.

These beautiful announcements were all hand made by my closest dearest friend Daniel

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