Saturday, June 30, 2012


Here are a few bits of  my week...

 I've had a serious issue with brownies this week.

 I started the week by doing galaxy nails...

 and by friday I had ikat.

 watched the hubby make dinner.

 Last night there was a really intense thunder storm...

but by morning the sun was out again.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

3 Hair DIYs for Summer...

So as you girls knows the summer is the time to embrace dirty locks, washing hair (especially if you aren't a blow dryer like me) can be a chore, and styling dirty hair can be even more tiresome, yes we have the top knot but what else is a dirty headed girl to do in a pinch?!?Here are my 3 go to styles for dirty summer hair

 The Textured Side Braid:
The Side Fishtail w/Bow 
 Half Back with Turban Tie

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Currently Liking...

There is something about that wonderful summer smell in the air, its like honeysuckles and fresh grass, wet asphalt and warmth all encompassed in this beautiful season.
I spent the late afternoon watching the sun pierce the trees in our back yard with an interesting but delicious mix I found at Sundays Farmers Market...

I Have A Secret...

I rarely wear deodorant, aside from the awful chemical smell and feeling like there is cream cheese in my armpits, I sweat very little and have a non existent body odor, Ive been told I have a smaller set of sweat glands so attribute that freakish malformation to my not so typical body size.
Sometimes if it is reeeeally hot I will wear a non scented hypoallergenic antiperspirant so that if I do sweat I wont make small wet spots on my clothes. But this is where my issues comes in, I HATE the chemicals in antiperspirant, they're typically full of parabens and chemicals that aren't great for anyone. So usually I just say NO! But what about all you other women that need to wear deodorant/antiperspirant? The healthy ones with normal sweat glands, you deserve a natural chemical free deodorant experience.
I may have found the secret bullet!

Rachel Winard from Etsy shop Soapwalla has made an all natural vegan friendly deodorant cream!!!
And my goodness does it smell delicious! Rich with jojoba oil, lavender and mint, vegetable powders and clays. Shes a genius and at 12 bucks a pop you cant beat the price! Even if you use this some of the time you'll have softer smoother underarm skin, its like armpit spa therapy.
I haven't tried any of the other Soapwalla products but will be ordering more to review within the month.

Monday, June 25, 2012

True Confessions

 True Confessions Magazine ca 1932, Henry Clive
Over the weekend I came across an interesting article on confiding in girlfriends. I think we all have those moments where we either think, "oh god, did I really tell her that?" or "ugh, I feel so much better after talking about it" or the dreaded, "god, I love her but I wish she'd just get over him already!" 
We've all been there but Elle writer, Monica Corcoran Harel sheds some interesting light on the nature of women confiding in women. I found the article really informative and thought I'd share. If you happen to be a science geek (like me) I will also link the original study cited in the article by Brown, Its easy to digest so worth checking out.

True Confessions

Social Closeness Increases Salivary Progesterone


Saturday, June 23, 2012

Girl on Girl Hate

Stong woman Katniss Everdeen of The Hunger Games 2012 Lions Gate Entertainment
This post is a bit of a hybrid, half of it stems from something I recently witnessed that pains me and half from my straight up disgust for the girl on girl hate that keeps popping up in the media!
Recently I witnessed a level of cattiness that could only rival that of Regina George, Although I did not partake in it I was still affected to the point of disgust and couldn't speak to anyone afterwards not even my closest friend for days because of it, it was like poison. I kept asking myself, "where would such words come from?' After mulling over the  personal attacks on almost every woman she knows I came to a conclusion: insecurity.
Insecurity breeds the worse kind of girl hate there is, "girl on girl" hate. Anytime one girl can rip apart another girl whether its "juicy gossip" or "drama" that girl is seriously insecure with herself, whether it be hatred of ones size or weight, hatred of ones personal beliefs, hatred of ones relationship status/woes, I can guarantee 99% of the time its because those aspects of their life are not healthy and the person is insecure with that fact.

Currently Liking...

Here is a few things that have been keeping a smile on my face lately...

 Essie's "Haute as Hello" Perfect summer coral.

Colombian Chumba statue in our bedroom window, makes me feel connected to my ancestry.

Tarot readings while Oliver naps on my bum
 Knotted maxi dress for us short folks, adapted from here.

I hope to make this a weekly staple here on Easy Peazy, or doing a "BOMW" (bits of my week) let me know what you think, I've loved the emails with feedback so far, so keep 'em coming ladies!

Easy Peazy Summer Salad

Its no secret that my love for goat cheese is stronger than most things, its up there with best friend, and husband. That said, I have a recipe for the easiest summer salad EVER!
You got nutrients for days with this and is so delicious with the dried cherries it'll really hit the spot in between all that summer soft serve and bbq ;)

Monday, June 18, 2012

Home & Garden???

So first off, apologies on my week off after the first week of blogging. I'm sure that breaks about every blogger rule there is, but after a mystery stomach thing and a kinda weird weekend I needed some time to myself... Its fun to see that my traffic hasn't slowed down during my time away, thank you readers, you make me not feel crazy, like I'm talking to myself :) Things have been a bit hectic this month, I'll be posting exciting details as to why very soon. One of the fun projects I've taken on lately is gardening??? So why was that a question??? Because I've not the first idea as to how to garden. Nonetheless, being the Aqaurian I am an needing to be an expert in random fractions of things as well as constantly learning I needed something in between all my other "things." In a perfect world I'd be as good a gardener as I am a scientist, but alas that just ain't true! So I decided to challenge myself with my very first edible gardening project, a 5.99 "monster melon" I don't  particularly love watermelon or "sandia" as I grew up calling it, but I hear you can fill them up with liquor and have a "drunken watermelon" so I'm excited for the possibility of this happening by August. Jeremy and I also planted some cacti for his office, hopefully they survive because they are beautiful. Something about cacti at night has always been so serene and beautiful to me. Along with all these plants we had my brother over this weekend, he had a wedding on our side of town so I made him sleep over so I could see him in his tux...

Friday, June 8, 2012

This Weekend...

We are so excited for the fun foodie extravaganza happening this Saturday! Come join us at...
Georgetown Cupcake 

The Annual Taste of Georgetown! 11am-4pm between Wisconsin Ave.& M St. NW. Tickets are a steal! 20 bucks gets you 5 tastings from any stand, and these are pretty awesome stands people! There is also a separate ticket if you want to do wine tasting, 10 bucks gets you 3 drinks! Yep you read right 10 bucks, and with metro you have your DD already planned. My advice is to metro/cab in and get there early, the later you go the longer you'll be waiting for popular stands. Some of the stands I'm looking forward too are...and yes, there is a trend, I have a hardcore sweet tooth brewing...

Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Real Me

A few months back when I was still toying with the idea of blogging I asked myself, what is it that makes the blog world so alluring, why do I follow these women who choose to share portions of there life? The answer was, "I don't know why" I just know that in the world of blogging we see super versions of ourselves that are nicer to look at, we see what we want to be, we see what we think is successful and beautiful we're bits and pieces of the people we love, all put together into one shiny "you" that can be posted daily! We are escapes, we are women who have perfect skin and bodies and don't need makeup, who don't have meltdowns, we are moms that seem to never break a sweat.
On "Easy Peazy" I get to be this girl who has this perfect relationship with the women in her family, a girl who obviously is madly in love with her very attractive husband and never has arguments, a girl who is okay with just being what she is, who crafts pretty jewelry all day and has long talks with her friends...

Summer Love

The actual start of Summer is June 20! Spring really flew by this year. With the inevitable heat approaching I thought it would be a good time to share some products I'm loving for warm weather this year. Most are old standbys while others are some newer favorites...

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

After the Rain

We've had some pretty nasty storms here in my little suburban pocket outside the district. At one point we had a tornado warning or watch (can never decipher what each means). So yesterday and today have been such a treat! Sun is out and begging for us all to go frolic. Here are a few pictures of how the plants and flowers are enjoying the sun after the rain.
angel plants

azaleas in bloom

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Natural Mani

I paint my nails often but if there is one thing that is a MUST for any nail nerd its the ability to do a weekly manicure. Healthy nails are pretty nails! In upcoming posts I will detail techniques and tricks on nail trends, designs, and painting, but first things first we have to tackle the basic manicure that will leave you with natural beautiful nails, in the buff (pun intended)...

Monday, June 4, 2012

Tips from my Abuela...

My grandmother is one of the most fashionable people I know, and although our age is separated by decades, we share similar tastes in music and style. Any hair that can be made pretty in a relatively short amount of time with little to no heat (whether it be dirty or clean) has my vote. So when my grandmother showed me this Gibson knot hybrid that she rocked ca.1948 I jumped at the chance to wear it on many a warm day to keep my thick curls off my neck, when the scarves and wraps grow tiresome try this out.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Weekend Notes

This weekend consisted of a much needed convo with my best friend, Daniel, you know when you have those moments with some one you've known for years and its like no time has past, ugh! its the best!
Aside from catching up, me and the hubby visited one of our favorite local spots for Bim Bap, Bulgogi and Kimchi. I grew up in Hawaii so I need my Korean food fix at least twice a month, if you've never tried this delicious symphony of flavor find a good mom and pop in your area and run don't walk there right now!
After nursing the Bim Bap baby that developed as a result of too much sticky rice, I decided to make a little jewelry (DIYs to come). Geodes and Morse Code are two current obsessions.

I have a pretty intense collection of stones and its always fun to use them in jewelry projects. Stones are beautiful organic creations of nature, and I believe they emit different energy and can really alter your state of mind, that said I was in need of some Angelite this weekend so this geode was perfection!

DIY Simplicity

I am a lover of simplicity, that said my DIY jewelry tends to reflect that style. I had an obsession with those little Morse code necklaces but while vacationing last month in Virgina Beach I stopped into one of my favorite boutiques only to learn that that tiny delicate piece of beauty was a whopping 200$. Worth every penny I'm sure, but far beyond my means! I snapped a picture and was inspired to create a whole set for less than 15 bucks! in a later post I will share my take on Morse code jewelry but for now here is a happy accident I'm currently loving...

Saturday, June 2, 2012

And so it begins...

I have toyed with the idea of starting a blog for quite some time. The thought of basically having a bucket to drop daily thoughts into on just about everything has always seemed pretty awesome. I love to create! whether its a doodle, a craft gone good, or bad (that sits on my shelf of rejects), or an inspiring photo that led to some off the wall nail art (I'm a bit of a nail nerd). I love it all. I'm not entering this with any hopes of filling some niche that hasn't been filled online, or even going as far to labeling this a "lifestyle" or "DIY' blog, this could change but for now this blog is retaining my doodle diary/view on most things, "Easy Peazy".
Hopefully, we can inspire each other and share some of the experiences that make life,
Anywho, away we go!