Monday, September 24, 2012

Baroque Manicure: Option 2

So its officially Fall!!! Thank goodness, I love this season! All the colors and the changes, its all just so beautiful and inspiring to me. Today I'm sharing option 2 of my Baroque manicure series. This manicure takes a little more time but is really fun to wear! Its based on a beautiful emerald green LANVIN dress (I promise not all the manis will be based on LANVIN lol). While we can't afford LANVIN jewels or runway clothes we can replicate it on our nails and rock the hell out of some high fashion.
This Dress...

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Baroque Manicure: Option 1

Yep, you read right ladies, "Option 1"! I had so much fun creating ideas for baroque inspired manicures that I couldn't stop after only one. As I mentioned last week, I am currently obsessed with this trend (I even made a bronzed baroque-esq hair clasp seen in this BOMW post for an upcoming hair tutorial). Its just amazing how prevalent this trend was amongst the runway shows during NYFW and now I've seen it spill into so many other blogs (remember you heard it here first guys haha!). I did a total of 5 manicures, some are a bit over the top incorporating many elements and textures-but hey it's supposed to be over the top, right? I will be sharing them with you throughout the week. Also check out my "Baroque My Heart" board on pinterest (see if you can catch which pins inspired which manicures).

 The decadent colors and metals from the LANVIN show inspired this first look. Copper leafing, baubles, rose gold, and an intense royal blue lends itself to this whimsical, rich mash up of unique charm... 

Friday, September 21, 2012

I Abide In You...

A Journal Entry: 
"Every year that passes us, its crazy how time just marches on. The day we got married, it was so intense, so earth shaking, it was as though time stopped and every so often when I'm alone with you or its late at night and we're talking, I feel that time stops again. When the moon hits your face just right during a night walk, as the cigarette smoke billows and dances on the nights air from your hands. Everything is still. Sometimes we can look at each other and not speak but know what the other is feeling, thinking-without words. We are just so blessed to have one another. So few people meet their great love so young, God, we are so lucky. I love our life together, I love that we are lucky enough to be able to be married. The most significant vow we spoke that day was that we now abide in one another. That is just, whoa! To abide in something is to stay, remain, dwell, and/or to act in accordance with a decision. We have become one heart, one home, a solace for one another away from the chaos of this world." 

Thursday, September 20, 2012


Yummy Fruits used for a breakfast crumble

This has been a great week! We started planning our next vacation early to mid October, can't wait to share with you where we decide to go. We have our closest friends coming into town for the weekend and tomorrow is our anniversary! We've been married 3 years already! It has really gone by fast, whats even more crazy is that we started going out in 2005! That 8 years guys! 8 YEARS...But damn do I love my hubby! I'm going to do a special post about our engagement and eloping on the actual day (tomorrow) with pictures and stuff. I'm excited to share that part of my life with you guys. Oh, and small side note, finally after years of sharing one vehicle, I got a car! I doubt I'll use it much, (I've been kinda skiddish with driving since the accident). But, with a move approaching quickly and talk of starting a family soon after, it seemed about time, when we found a deal we couldn't refuse.
Anyways, here are a few bits of my week:

Why We Went Natural

I've mentioned for months now about my love for natural products, when applicable I try to buy the best products for my family. Whether its my vegan deoderant by Soapwalla, Toms natural toothpaste, White Magick Alchemy Oils or South Austin Soap People Soaps (used in my basic manicure or for washing Rilo) or Solstice Scents for my apothecary needs. When it comes to the skin and health of my family I want the best! These days I feel like consumers are left in the dark about a lot of what goes into products. The sad fact is that big companies pump out "soaps" full of chemicals that are just too strong or bad for us. The viscous cycle ensues when these products are made and marketed so cheaply! For most families it seems unimportant to even think about switching to natural soaps. We are a nation obsessed with economizing and we're conditioned to believe that "common" skin ailments are normal. These are all common misconceptions, I will share links at the end for soaps that are around the same price as popular brands, are multitasking (for hair, face, shaving and body) and these large bars will last twice as long, they suds up the same as traditional brands, they don't leave any residue (another common misconception of natural soap use) and smell great without using harsh artificial perfume additives.
To believe that one can avoid all of the "bad" chemicals is unrealistic, its doing little things that make a huge impact, like buying a natural product when you can or telling a friend why you would like to buy natural. If you only take one thing from this post, please watch this video The story of cosmetics it is incredibly informative and really made me think about what I put in and on my body. Why it is incredibly ignorant to think I can escape all products that contain unhealthy/harsh chemicals, being informed is a step in the right direction. So I ask you guys to watch and read, and above all be informed consumers...

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Fall DIYs: No Sew Cowl

This weeks been full of cooler days. I thought no better time then now to share this DIY fall favorite of mine. Fall is one of my most crafty times of year, I tend to create more as the months get cooler. So, to kick things off I thought I'd start with something easy. I've seen different variations of these with fringe, but I never got into the whole fringe thing myself.
I love this DIY and have done it the past 2 years, Its also a great way to use old things that would otherwise be tossed out. I had a great light sweater that Rilo clawed on near the neck, so I made a cowl and its like it is brand new again. I also used an old t-shirt of Jeremy's that shrunk, its got really great soft cotton and was big enough to double around. With being 100% cotton the striped t-shirt snood would be great for the gym on chilly mornings. As the weather cools down more and more I'll be sharing a tutorial on knitting cowls the old fashioned was as well.

Friday, September 14, 2012

5 Books Every Woman Should Read Before 30...

I've noticed a lack of book lists lately, I don't know if we've all gotten caught in the mindsweep that is youth fiction novels lately (no offense, I love me some Hunger Games) or if we just aren't reading as much, as often as we used to. Whatever the reason, I've decided to put together an arsenal of 5 books, I think every woman should read before 30. If you have any good add-ons feel free to chime in. This list is tentative and growing, if you have a book (or a few) that changed you, share it in the comments below. I'd love to circulate this as a tag, actually I am making this a tag, if you read this, consider yourself tagged.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Savory Citrus Salad

I've noticed since I've began this blog I have a habit of posting salad recipes more than any other type of recipes. I think I may set a little goal for myself to share more than these in future posts. Salads are by no means  my culinary strong point, As a matter of fact I hardly ever make salads for company, but I think they are simple, and while my ultimate goal here is to share the wonderfully simple things that make up the overlooked minutia of our lives, I could throw in some savory dishes to boot.
This is one of those quick meals that I love to make during that time of transition between summer and fall. You could substitute almost any ingredient for what is locally in season- strawberries for instance, could easily replace the blueberries. But, remember to keep those earthy staples of  crumbled goat cheese and hazelnuts/pecans, its what keeps the salad substantial enough for an entree as oppose to a side dish or starter.

Monday, September 10, 2012


This past week has been incredibly busy, I didn't even realize that in all the commotion I forgot to post these "bits of my week" When I remembered today, it was during a mid-morning crisis and I thought- wow! this blog really is a place to appreciate the little things in the midst of a life's chaos, at least for me it is.
After a crazy week these are the bits that made it all worth it...
 The Vogue skull-crusher! When Daniel was in college we'd call one another no matter where we were mid September, and page through this thick issue together over the phone.
A new bakery opened in our neighborhood, so we had to check it out...

Friday, September 7, 2012

Baroque Trend...

From top left:  shootstyle, FreePeople, Dolce & Gabbana Fall 2012, zszywka
As a history buff I tend to admire several design elements from the past, but lately, on pinterest and several of the 2012 Fall runways I've been noticing a trend I'm a little in love with. Baroque Style. Rich in textiles with details to the max, the result is a color story of rich wine reds and gold leafed floral with embellished head pieces. I'm not sure how this will trickle down into the everyday, but for now I'm so enamored with it, I'd be willing to take it as is! Most of the models have rocked a bare face and simple hair to let the clothes (and head gear) speak for themselves, but I'd probably do a dark vampy lip with one of these embellished jackets or sunglasses with jeans and little else. There is something so fresh about how opulent it all is, I've made a little collage to show off some of my favorites, although I think I may need to make a pinterest board as my camera roll is filling up rather quickly... 
Being inspired by these looks got me brainstorming, A Baroque influenced hair/nail tutorial will be coming soon!
Till then here is a bit more Baroque inspiration...

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Kismet & My Story

Last week I ordered a necklace from Allison over at two leaf clover, and WOW! This little piece of heaven is absolutely perfect! Its understated, and ultra-feminine, I'm usually a bit leery of ordering jewelry online, I tend to like making my own things like bracelets and earrings , but when I saw that Kismet was the product of such passion and that the meaning behind the namesake was "destiny, and fate" I was just blown away by it all. Allison personalized my necklace with impeccable craftsmanship and made sure to ask which color beads I wanted and what metal to use, it was just so personal. Allison had no clue why I am skiddish when it comes to necklaces but I figure now is a better time than ever to share- Back in 2009 I got into a really bad car wreck, that resulted in multiple surgeries on my neck/spine, I was left with several scars, one large one on my neck, unfortunately the scar is still visible, before the accident I loved necklaces and wore them all the time, but after I became kinda self conscious about it, like it drew more attention if I wore accessories, even here on Easy Peazy it'd be almost impossible to find a pic from my right side where the scar is, I don't feel ugly because of it, I just have a reminder of how scary that accident was any time I see it...
Anyways, This necklace makes me feel that my neck is beautiful regardless of my scars, and that my neck is worth adorning with pretty things! I know this probably sounds dumb to all of you with flawless necks but dealing with a visible scar can be really tough on ones self-esteem. So Allison thank you! I will be wearing your wonderful masterpiece with my scar proudly! 

On a rainy day like today...

 Our 2009 elopement announcement with our favorite Kerouac quote

Today is filled with that wonderful rainy day beauty, you know when your bed needs to stay unmade, sheets stay crisp, and tea and a big soft sweater is the only thing you want. I love these types of days, where its so quiet and calm, all you can hear your tea kettle whistle and the water dancing alongside the curb in response to passerbys. Everything gets that haze, that beautiful and romantic rainy day haze to it, you finish your books and crossword puzzles, and perhaps visit the memories of significant rainy day of the past.
Jeremy and I got married on a day like today. As our third anniversary approaches, I took a minute to reflect on that day and how much it felt serene and calm like today. I think I love rainy day beauty more than any other type of day.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Over the Weekend...

Grandmothers vintage watch, and jewelry I made after my outing to the bead shop
This weekend was not only Labor day but both of my in-laws birthdays! We had a blast from Friday to Monday (people just don't party like folks from New Orleans). My mother-in-law and sister-in-law and I went antiquing and had a yummy lunch in Old town. I had the best sweet and savory salad of my life and ice cream from one of my favorite parlors after. Then it happened! I fell in love with an old inkwell in the window, and when we walked inside I fell in love once more with the most beautiful iron chandeliers... Sometimes I really feel like I was born in a different time and just woke up here!
After lunch we went to a local bead shop, I've been trying to branch out from my jewelry and be open to new things, like black and pink and silver, maybe even a little rose gold in the future! I didn't intend for the the amount of beads I ended up purchasing but I figured it would get me to make/wear new things...

 Update: As requested I've added a bit more in my about section, so feel free to check it out up top or here. I've also added a few new peeps to my blog roll.

Monday, September 3, 2012

I'd like you to meet...

Save The Redwood League
Ursus the Moon Bear

Hopefully all of you are knee deep in ocean/pool water soaking up the last rays of summer with bbq in hand! I wanted to stop in real quick and introduce you guys to a new friend of Easy Peazy that will be a staple on the blog. A few weeks ago I raved about Nancy Upshaw and her shop White Magick Alchemy, well I'd like to make sure if you all are ever interested in buying essential oils (or natural soaps from fellow store Solstice Scents) that a few things will happen soon after your purchase.
But first, Id like to say- I know in the blogosphere a lot of us advertise for monetary reasons, I'm not knocking that, if you make money from blogging and its a brand you love go for it! BUT, I have always promised to never endorse or advertise a product I don't use myself, and believe in.  I am never rewarded on the fact that I push a product. That, said I'd like to tell you more about Nancy and her shop, White Magick Alchemy. Nancy gives a large amount of her own revenue to several charitable organizations. She truly is a modern day Robin hood! She is passionate about animals so a lot of what comes from you or I, she gives directly to animals in Asia to stop Bear bile farming. She also donates to save what I believe to be  a national treasure, our redwoods, through "Save the Redwoods. She also is a silent donator to private/personal charities, Nancy is the type of person that sees a need in someone she passes on the street so she'll give them the proceeds from that day to help them get on there feet. she gives the best way possible, without recognition or merit. She doesn't even realize I had planned to write this up! Her passion is people and animals, the oils/shop (although an excellent product) are a means to do so, its never been about the money for her. This is why she is not only a friend of Easy Peazy ( now displayed on my side bar) but why she is a personal friend and hero. Thank you so much Nancy for all you do!

If you're interested in knowing more about charities Nancy Upshaw helps check out her Moon Bear Candles, proceeds go directly to Moon Bear Rescue.
If you would like to make donations straight to the charities Nancy donates to, or just find out more about them visit Animals Asia, More about Moon Bears and the Bile Bear trade, and Save the Redwoods.