Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Fall DIYs: No Sew Cowl

This weeks been full of cooler days. I thought no better time then now to share this DIY fall favorite of mine. Fall is one of my most crafty times of year, I tend to create more as the months get cooler. So, to kick things off I thought I'd start with something easy. I've seen different variations of these with fringe, but I never got into the whole fringe thing myself.
I love this DIY and have done it the past 2 years, Its also a great way to use old things that would otherwise be tossed out. I had a great light sweater that Rilo clawed on near the neck, so I made a cowl and its like it is brand new again. I also used an old t-shirt of Jeremy's that shrunk, its got really great soft cotton and was big enough to double around. With being 100% cotton the striped t-shirt snood would be great for the gym on chilly mornings. As the weather cools down more and more I'll be sharing a tutorial on knitting cowls the old fashioned was as well.

 Once you have chosen the tops you'll be using, lay them out flat and decide where to cut, I usually use a bit of chalk to mark, but because both of these tops have lines I just followed their pattern.

Once you have cut across, pull the cotton so that the seam puckers a bit, this is going to curl a little and hide your free edge. And Voila! that's it!

Hope you enjoy this fun and quick DIY for Fall

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  1. I love this idea-- I want to try this!


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