Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Over the Weekend...

Grandmothers vintage watch, and jewelry I made after my outing to the bead shop
This weekend was not only Labor day but both of my in-laws birthdays! We had a blast from Friday to Monday (people just don't party like folks from New Orleans). My mother-in-law and sister-in-law and I went antiquing and had a yummy lunch in Old town. I had the best sweet and savory salad of my life and ice cream from one of my favorite parlors after. Then it happened! I fell in love with an old inkwell in the window, and when we walked inside I fell in love once more with the most beautiful iron chandeliers... Sometimes I really feel like I was born in a different time and just woke up here!
After lunch we went to a local bead shop, I've been trying to branch out from my jewelry and be open to new things, like black and pink and silver, maybe even a little rose gold in the future! I didn't intend for the the amount of beads I ended up purchasing but I figured it would get me to make/wear new things...

 Update: As requested I've added a bit more in my about section, so feel free to check it out up top or here. I've also added a few new peeps to my blog roll.

 Do you see all those pen tips for writing?!? LOVE!


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