Monday, September 24, 2012

Baroque Manicure: Option 2

So its officially Fall!!! Thank goodness, I love this season! All the colors and the changes, its all just so beautiful and inspiring to me. Today I'm sharing option 2 of my Baroque manicure series. This manicure takes a little more time but is really fun to wear! Its based on a beautiful emerald green LANVIN dress (I promise not all the manis will be based on LANVIN lol). While we can't afford LANVIN jewels or runway clothes we can replicate it on our nails and rock the hell out of some high fashion.
This Dress...

 and necklace served as the perfect amount of rich color and shiny details that make this manicure not only baroque but the type of manicures I love...

What You'll Need:

Base Coat: Chip Skip and Sally Hansen Top to Bottom (Again very important when using dark colors to prevent stains)
An Emerald Polish : I used China Galze in, "Outta Bounds"
Black Nail Art Pen: Sally Hansen in "Black Noir"
Silver Glitter Polish: Essie Luxeffects in, "Set in Stone"
Silver Striper: Sinful Color Nail Art in, "What A Night"
Sapphire Blue Polish: OPI in, "Yodel Me On My Cell" 
Top Coat: Seche Vite (see instructions at the bottom of option on)
Cotton Swabs and acetone for clean-up

What You'll Do: 

After Prepping the nails (see option one), Apply Chip skip and base coat. 
Apply 2 thin coats of emerald green polish, allow time to thoroughly dry, about 5-10 minutes.
After nails are dry draw a black brocade print, this does not have to be perfect or identical for each nail, I studied the brocade on the LANVIN dress and simplified it.

After your black brocade is dry, touch up any spots with your emerald polish.
At the top of the nail bed, near the cuticle, apply glitter polish using a stippling motion, this will ensure maximum coverage of flecks of glitter.
 With silver striping polish apply one dot, centered under your glitter (this will mimic the sapphire necklace).
Apply a dot of your sapphire polish in the center of your silver dot.
Apply a rapid drying top coat
And VOILA! a Very Baroque and VERY chic manicure for Fall! Enjoy, and Stay tuned for the remaining 3 Baroque Manicures in this series!

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  1. Wow you're so talented! I love this manicure!! The ring compliments it so well!!


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