Thursday, September 6, 2012

Kismet & My Story

Last week I ordered a necklace from Allison over at two leaf clover, and WOW! This little piece of heaven is absolutely perfect! Its understated, and ultra-feminine, I'm usually a bit leery of ordering jewelry online, I tend to like making my own things like bracelets and earrings , but when I saw that Kismet was the product of such passion and that the meaning behind the namesake was "destiny, and fate" I was just blown away by it all. Allison personalized my necklace with impeccable craftsmanship and made sure to ask which color beads I wanted and what metal to use, it was just so personal. Allison had no clue why I am skiddish when it comes to necklaces but I figure now is a better time than ever to share- Back in 2009 I got into a really bad car wreck, that resulted in multiple surgeries on my neck/spine, I was left with several scars, one large one on my neck, unfortunately the scar is still visible, before the accident I loved necklaces and wore them all the time, but after I became kinda self conscious about it, like it drew more attention if I wore accessories, even here on Easy Peazy it'd be almost impossible to find a pic from my right side where the scar is, I don't feel ugly because of it, I just have a reminder of how scary that accident was any time I see it...
Anyways, This necklace makes me feel that my neck is beautiful regardless of my scars, and that my neck is worth adorning with pretty things! I know this probably sounds dumb to all of you with flawless necks but dealing with a visible scar can be really tough on ones self-esteem. So Allison thank you! I will be wearing your wonderful masterpiece with my scar proudly! 

Along with my necklace Allison gifted a few pieces of Ida Ford stationary, and a delicate little ring, made of ultra thin silver wire, that upon closer inspection was crafted into the shape of the infinity symbol. While these rings aren't for sale yet on Kismet, Allison told me that they will be launched very soon for everyone! I will definitely be ordering more pieces!

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  1. Thank you so much for the support! You are so sweet and I am over joyed you like your order! I think it's so awesome and courageous for you to share your story and be so fearless! So inspirational! :)


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