Friday, September 21, 2012

I Abide In You...

A Journal Entry: 
"Every year that passes us, its crazy how time just marches on. The day we got married, it was so intense, so earth shaking, it was as though time stopped and every so often when I'm alone with you or its late at night and we're talking, I feel that time stops again. When the moon hits your face just right during a night walk, as the cigarette smoke billows and dances on the nights air from your hands. Everything is still. Sometimes we can look at each other and not speak but know what the other is feeling, thinking-without words. We are just so blessed to have one another. So few people meet their great love so young, God, we are so lucky. I love our life together, I love that we are lucky enough to be able to be married. The most significant vow we spoke that day was that we now abide in one another. That is just, whoa! To abide in something is to stay, remain, dwell, and/or to act in accordance with a decision. We have become one heart, one home, a solace for one another away from the chaos of this world." 

Happy Friday all! Today marks a special day for us, it is the day Jeremy and I were married. (We have been together 8 years total, but married only 3). I would like to share a journal entry I wrote last night along with the story of us, our engagement, how we eloped, and a bit of us through the years: 
 Our Engagement Story:
Seconds after the proposal, "I said yeeeeees!"

On Christmas morning of 2006 we were on a week long Christmas trip to Disney World. While I like to have people think he proposed in front of a crowd, that is not how it happened. Jeremy knows I hate PDA and i hate crowds, this would have to be quiet and calm. I awoke Christmas morning to find our family in the kitchen already, Jeremy's mom was frying beignits (Jeremy's and his family is from New Orleans)  in the living room and coffee being brewed. There were a few whispers we exchanged Merry Christmas' but all I could think about was coffee, make a cup and back to my bed to sit and sip. Everyone knows I'm a terrible morning person. Then Jeremy walked in with a huge grin and at the door stood his parents and sisters Kristie and Rachel. I looked over and he closed the door and said hold on, I heard his mom say, "get on your knee"
I still had no clue what was going on, I'd had maybe 2 sips of coffee. It's so true when brides say, "I had no idea what was going on" it literally catches you so off-guard! Jeremy reaches behind the nightstand and pulls out a little red box, and opens it while saying, "I love you more than anything in the world, and I want to marry you, can we spend the rest of our lives together" Now, I thought A- marriage probably wasn't for me, I hadnt really thought  too much about it, and B-def didn't think anyone would wanna marry me. But, I did know I loved him more than anything and that when I think about  my life in 50 years its always been with him, always my partner. So a normal person would have said yes, I grabbed the box and said, "what the F*#%!-Is this a joke" I don't do well with surprises. and Jeremy had led me to believe my Christmas gift was earrings. I was in shock, my heart skipped a beat, the door flung open, his mom awaiting an answer. I then walked back and said "Yes a thousand times yes" mingled with intermittent kisses. We then ate our beignits and were off to the magic kingdom with a smile that stretched from ear to ear. my ring was too big but i wore it on a necklace so I could periodically loop it on my finger and gaze at my newly engaged reflection. It was magical.

  The Day we Eloped:

On the day we decided to elope, we both called into work, it was a Tuesday, the night before we decided it was time to get married, we had been living together for years now and had finally gotten our wedding bands. So just like that we decided to go get hitched. I never wanted a wedding, I toyed with the idea of a reception, and perhaps on our 5th anniversary we will through one, this was something I wanted to share alone with Jeremy, our vows were for us, I wouldn't change a thing about it. I put on my favorite LBD with a cozy sweater and flats because it was chilly, and Jeremy put on comfy slacks and a blue button down, it was perfect. We headed to the courthouse in Arlington, did our paper work and headed across the street for a quick ceremony with the justice of the peace. We stopped in a little park outside of the courthouse and had hot dogs from the vender, the sun was out and the weather was a perfect 68 degrees. We sat on the benches smiling at one another before heading in. as we entered this dark office surrounded by volumes upon volumes of books we could smell old book bindings, it was perfect. We introduced ourselves to the Justice and were ushered into a private room where we exchanged our vows and were officially married. That night and every night after that, Jeremy has made me the happiest girl in the world. Its not always perfect, but its always full of love.
Our Beautiful announcements from that day

 Us through photographs:
These types of posts make me so nostalgic, I also would like to take a walk down memory lane and share some pictures from a while back, before we were married or even engaged, some before we even lived together, when I was a science geek in undergrad (who only seemed to wear sweats shirts) living on campus only seeing my cute boyfriend on the weekends. You can actually see my transformation from tom boy to woman in these lol, and Jeremy looks so young!

 My first time meeting his family.
 A weekend of him beating me at card games after a ridiculously stressful week of exams.
 A few drinks later I tried to teach him the hustle...anybody remember flares?!? LOL Kristie took most of these pictures, she was a big fan of our relationship :)
A few more drinks later and we (including his sister Kristie) decide to pig out on take-out. Notice Jeremy's and my friendship bracelets :)
 Our first out of town trip together, to NY to visit Daniel and Carly
Our first Halloween! As Zeus and Athena
The night we decided I'd move in
Our favorite place to have lunch back in Virginia Beach, Johnny Rockets!
Our trip to Coco Beach Florida
Our days on the metro (can't remember if this is DC or NY)
 The rest of the family at Disney World, waiting for the Bill Nye exhibit to open (I think I may have been the only one excited for this ride lol) with Kristie and Rachel.
And the teacups on Christmas Eve, Jeremy was thinking how to pop the question that whole day!
Shortly after announcing we eloped to our family

Thanks guys, I know this post was long, but I couldn't help but share such exciting times in my life. Have a great weekend! And also a special Congrats to Allison over on TLC, She was just proposed too this week! We wish you and your hubby to be the best Allison!

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  1. Aw this post is my favorite of yours ever! Its so personal and full of love, I spent so long reading every word! You two look so in love! It's inspiring to hope Stephen and I will still be as in love and cute as you both in 4 more years! Congrats on your anniversary and thank you for sharing your love story! :)


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