Tuesday, August 28, 2012

30 Approachs & Looking Back

Last week I was asked by the beautiful and talented Julia C. Smith to participate in her ongoing web series "28 before 29". I'm so excited to be a part of this series. The whole projects aim is to give someone entering this "tumultuous" time a construct that they may not have. I think its important to look at age positively and celebrate it, not fill it with negative connotations. My interview will be up sometime this week (I just finished it over the weekend), I urge everyone to read through if your approaching this time in your life and see how other strong women survived it. Collaborating on a project with Julia (Julia-goolia as she was known in high school) got me thinking about the past and I got a bit nostalgic...

I met Julia as a freshman in high school. We attended a Visual and Preforming Arts School in Maryland. This was no normal art program, we had to audition and be accepted and our day was about 3 hours longer than a regular school day, half being art and the rest were normal academic classes. We had field trips to wonderful galleries and art schools/colleges came to visit us to see our work privately. By senior year most of us had scholarships to an art school, and all had hung in a gallery show (I did a series of prints that were displayed in The Corcoran White Walls Gallery in DC) It was a magical time where we were able to immerse ourselves in art and experiment. When I hear of other peoples caddy high school experiences it makes me sad, because honestly this was such a positive place, there was never any of that gossip or back biting that is all to familiar today.  We were a family and we were all there together with a common goal to create, maybe that kept us too busy to really do much else. Whatever the reason I absolutely loved my time there and still keep in contact with a lot of alumni. Julia was/is one of those girls who always smiled, and always had good advice, I can remember her telling me her thoughts during critiques or her singing along to Broadway musical tunes in the dark room, and even trying out for our drama departments improv group together. I guess that is enough with reminiscing... I'm inserting a video of our VPA dept, I still am in contact with many of these people and some will have art featured in upcoming posts, if you look hard in the first scene you can see a very young Daniel and an even younger Korey (my brother) and at the very end, me.
Hope you enjoy...

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