Monday, August 20, 2012


 Campfires at the end of summer are the best.

After vacation Jeremy had the rest of the week off, it was so nice to have him all to myself everyday without the interruptions of life. Today was my first day back to normal and I must admit, me and Rilo were a bit lonely. We had a relatively busy weekend, the fair was in town so we had to go and realized that rides have gotten way faster than they were when we were kids, we both laughed/screamed so hard on the tilt-o-whirl that our abs ached the next day. On Saturday we recovered from our carnival food coma (I'm talking funnel cakes, corn dogs, candy apples, kettle corn, and cotton candy to top it all off with... side note- did you guys know there are deep fried candy cars?!? This is not an urban food legend, they exist, I have seen them in their battered flesh!). I met a donkey at the fair and me and Jeremy talked about the real issues having a pet donkey would pose, we decided against it in the end, but I went back and fed Don (I named him) a second bag of feed just to be sure, we also met a VERY friendly alpaca who gave everyone the stank eye but me, I named her Stank. Saturday night we had a campfire sleep over with Daniel and Carly, it was so nice to see them again, I had a campfire heart to heart with Daniel that was extremely therapeutic, and put a tired issue to rest once and for all, lately I've been turning to him a lot for comfort and reassurance, its always nice to have a life long friend present that can push all the meaningless stuff aside and replace it with love, positivity, and big hugs. I think we all need some of these every now and again. Daniel, if you're reading this, I don't know what I'd do with out you sometimes, I love you to bits guge.
Here is a few pics from my week. Be back soon with some fun DIYs for hair!

 yummy little biscotti mushrooms from world market with chocolate hazlenut hoods

 Excuse the flash, I made this love note for Jeremy Sunday night after he fell asleep to brighten his Monday

 Playing around with filters during magic hour has proved quite interesting


    Stanks in the back ground of both shots                                                    Don the Donkey

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