Wednesday, August 22, 2012

My Signature Hair

As I posted yesterday, I'm trying to answer the two most popular subjects I get emailed about, yesterday was our marriage secrets, and today is my hair. My hair has underwent quite an evolution over the years, but for the most part I have kept three things consistent, the first being length. I am a very small 4'10 and weighed about 95lbs for most of my life I was insecure about my size so my hair has always been my security blanket. Aside from length my other rule of thumb is, I never blow dry, EVER! I don't even own a blow dryer to be honest, while some girls need a blow dryer I have always (like my grandmother and mother) air dried over night in a "plop". And last but not least I style with the season, I keep my hair naturally curly in the summer months, and in the fall and winter I style it depending on my mood, but more than likely as it is below. The summer is a time of rest for my curls, I do a lot of hot oil treatments and keep it in all its big curly glory. I usually have one haircut a year in the spring and I trim my ends on my own if they need it. I do not color my hair, although I do have a few gray, I cannot get over the chemical smell or feel of dye, Ive tried it 3 times in my life and absolutely regretted putting ammonia and god knows what else on my head. I just tweeze the random greys I can see and when my whole head starts to grey, well... I guess I'll rock the hell out of that too! That said, here is my signature hair, I keep it center parted mostly but still do a deep side part when I want it to be a little more sophisticated. 

Styling Cream-I use Moroccanoil Hydrating Styling Cream
Heat Protectant-I use Redken Sooth Down Heat Glide
Hair Spray-I use Rusk W8less Plus Extra Strong Hold
Flat Iron-I use a CHI Air
Curling rod/iron-I use a ConAir classic

While the hair is wet I apply the Hydrating style cream and comb through. Allow the hair to air dry (if you wish to blow dry you'll do it at this point and not use the flat iron). While your irons are heating up apply your heat protectant, this is a must because you always want to preserve your ends when heat treating, especially with something like a CHI that goes up to 400+ degrees F. Section the hair into 4 even section, pin up the two top sections and begin with the 2 bottom sections (this is going to make it easier to layer the hair after completing each section without disturbing what you just did, because you'll want each of the curls to cool before finger combing and finishing with spray)

After the first section is straightened you'll be ready to curl, this is where it gets tricky. You'll want to curl away from your face, so the helix of your curl will face back (think 70's feathered hair). Once the hair is on the rod you'll want to twist as you lossen the hair from the rod and pull downward this is going to twist the curl tight. This is the secret to voluminous waves as oppose to prom curls.

 See how I've spun the hair tighter as I unravel it... Once you reach the end pull free, slightly straightening the end of the curl. Now leave it for a few seconds to cool and then lightly pull it apart with your fingers.

 Now Continue to work through each section doing the same, remember keep your curls facing back and away from your face. I usually spend about 3 minutes each section, so I'm done with the look after 12 min or so I usually allow the curls to all cool while I get dressed or do my make-up.

Once you reach the top sections You'll want to pay attention to your face framing strands, this technique is a bit different. instead of pulling back you'll want to pull up when you curl, hold the hair there for a few seconds and slowly allow the curl to drop from the iron (there is no pulling or twisting here).

 Allow that dropped curl to cool and then pull it apart mixing it with the bottom section.
Spray that section lightly and tousle it a bit with your hands.
 Now in the back of the top sections its business as usual, like the bottom you'll want to twist as you curl and slightly straiten the ends as you release, allow the wavy curl to cool and finger comb and spray.
 After spraying that final section with spray make sure everything is intermingled and tousled and touch up any pieces with spray or heat if needed, but rememeber these are sexy soft waves NOT prom curls!

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