Thursday, July 26, 2012

An Epic Visit/Tattoo/BBC...

Sorry for the lack of posts this week, I have some bug that escaped the pits of hell and infected my GI tract early Monday morning, so I've spent the week in bed indulging in my unhealthy obsession with the bbc...In case you're into British Tele I'll make a list of my current favorite series.
I received a call late Friday night from my best friend, Daniel letting me know he and his wife Carly and -what is perhaps the cutest/smartest child ever-Cora or "Bean" were on the way down from Pittsburgh for a visit! I've known Daniel since childhood and we went to the same elementary school back in Honolulu/High School in Maryland. I pretty much live for these visits because they usually involve dancing, non-stop laughter, and wine...

 Saturday late morning I met Daniel for some QT and then later Jeremy came after he was done at work to meet everyone (including Daniels brother Nick and his parents Danny, and Nancy) for dinner, then we had a slumber party in his parents basement playing pool and darts until the wee hours of the morning, it was great! We caught up and shared old stories and I also had a really long talk with Carly and reached a level closeness I never thought we'd have, it was just one of those amazing nights where everyone was on the same wave length. Small side note, Daniel showed me this amazing tattoo artist-Amanda Wachob, who is brilliant! I can't stop stalking her portfolio since seeing her simple paint stroke pieces, so beautiful.
  Jeremy and I left Sunday and came back home and spent the afternoon in bed watching old movies, that was heaven! Considering Jeremy has been utterly engulfed by work lately, I cherish the time when its just me, him, and Rilo.
List of bbc Series I'm currently loving:
Manor house/1900 House/War-Time Coal House/Regency House Party
The Supersizers Go...
House of Ellitot 
London Hospital

...all are available on Youtube :)

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