Monday, June 18, 2012

Home & Garden???

So first off, apologies on my week off after the first week of blogging. I'm sure that breaks about every blogger rule there is, but after a mystery stomach thing and a kinda weird weekend I needed some time to myself... Its fun to see that my traffic hasn't slowed down during my time away, thank you readers, you make me not feel crazy, like I'm talking to myself :) Things have been a bit hectic this month, I'll be posting exciting details as to why very soon. One of the fun projects I've taken on lately is gardening??? So why was that a question??? Because I've not the first idea as to how to garden. Nonetheless, being the Aqaurian I am an needing to be an expert in random fractions of things as well as constantly learning I needed something in between all my other "things." In a perfect world I'd be as good a gardener as I am a scientist, but alas that just ain't true! So I decided to challenge myself with my very first edible gardening project, a 5.99 "monster melon" I don't  particularly love watermelon or "sandia" as I grew up calling it, but I hear you can fill them up with liquor and have a "drunken watermelon" so I'm excited for the possibility of this happening by August. Jeremy and I also planted some cacti for his office, hopefully they survive because they are beautiful. Something about cacti at night has always been so serene and beautiful to me. Along with all these plants we had my brother over this weekend, he had a wedding on our side of town so I made him sleep over so I could see him in his tux...

 My brother shares an uncanny resemblance to my Tio PePe (great uncle from Cartagena, Colombia) and these pinhole pics had an energy similar to one of Tio PePes portraits so I had to share


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