Friday, August 3, 2012


I've been hard at work with several side projects and had Jeremy's Grandparents in town for the first half of the week. It was so nice spending time with them. We went out to Ashburn and visited Aunt Trish for her 80th birthday, which is just amazing in and of itself, her life is so full and lived! I hope to be full of stories and wisdom at that age. Anyways, here are a few bits of my week...

Aunt Trish and Uncle Roger in the 50s

Finally finished the beauty branch full DIY up tomorrow

Jeremy ordered the Pre-Code Collection from Turner Classic for our collection!!!

I found this really old pic of my sister-in-law, Kristie and I from when Jeremy and I had just met! Oh 2005! lol

 Red polished toes have been making me feel ultra feminine lately, even while cooking dinner in sweats 

 I am OBSESSED with roasted broccoli topped with olive oil fresh garlic and cracked black pepper

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