Thursday, August 16, 2012

Vacation Times: Part 1

Our trip to Chincoteague Island was amazing! We had amazing food, fun days with bike rides and some great weather. We will be returning for sure! Aside from the fact that there are wild ponies and dolphins, we were surrounded by other wildlife, most of Chincoteague is a wildlife reserve, so we saw everything from amazing butterflies to snakes and ducks crossing the road, Rilo even attempted to catch a deer chilling across the street watching TV through our window! Jeremy and I are both animal lovers and support local and national wildlife refuge and reserves so staying in a cottage on the island was a sure bet for us, It doesn't get much better than vacationing and helping a cause you're passionate about at the same time. I took A LOT of photos, and a few videos, I want to post them all but I may upload a lot to flickr and then decide what to put up on Easy Peazy, I hope you enjoy, and if you're a DCer or NoVA local, consider visiting Chincoteague Island, everyone was so friendly, it made it that much harder to say good-bye...

 Rilo and Jeremy enjoying the ride down.

We stopped at a farmers market and I found out Jeremy had NEVER had butter pecans! His mind was blown!

 Mr. Whippies famous twisty cone (the best soft-serve I've ever had)

 We visited these ponies that belonged to the local Fire Dept... little did we know...

 That these wild ones would wander through our street on our last day

 The wild ponies grazed a bit and fed their babies

 before wandering back across the road 

 Amazing to see

 I went through quite a bit of local Salt Water Taffy, and stayed in this dress most of the trip

 We decided to have a camp night and craft outside after a day at the beach, btw, how cute is my hubby when his beard starts to fill in!?!

The last night we had alone so we dressed up and ventured out for lobster and sword fish dinner 
By the end of each day Rilo was so tired she'd fight sleep then fall asleep in weird positons like this, with her nose smashed into the side table

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