Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Stain Stain Go Away!

So sorry for my lack of posts guys, last week an immediate family member of ours had surgery, so it was all hands on deck around here for a few days, then I got some hellish stomach flu, complete with a fever  (probably from the hospital which had me knocked on my butt and in bed for the past week). I will still continue to post the remainder of the baroque mani-series along with some other fun things for October. But just wanted to thank all of you who still popped in to check Easy Peazy anyway. 
But enough with that, lets switch to some happier things! If you've been following my Baroque Manicure series then you have probably come to the same conclusion I did... Stains SUCK! As much as a base coat promises to keep stains at bay, there are some colors of lacquer that just don't budge. This problem is most prevalent in the jewel toned red/blue/green families of colors (which happens to be the Baroque pallet many of my manicures are inspired by). So, I thought I'd take a moment to share my mothers holy grail of nail stain removing.

Removing Lacquer Stains:

What You'll Need:
Nail Polish Remover (try a pro brand with acetone like ONYX Professional)
Cotton squares
Small Squares of Foil (just cut up a few renoylds pieces) 
Small plastic of glass soaking bowl filled with warm water
1/2 Cup of Baking Soda
Whitening Toothpaste
Nail Brush (for scrubbing)
Nail Buffer
Nutrient Nail Oil (I used Avoplex by OPI)
Body Butter  (I used KORRES shea butter in Guava)

What You'll Do:
To remove polish (this is also great for removing stubborn glitter of nail decals): Saturate a cotton square with remover and wrap around the nail bed, then apply the foil square of the cotton, continue to wrap each finger tip this way. Leave on for about 3 minutes, the foil prevents the acetone from evaporating which means it will continue to work with out you having to rub repeatedly going through tons of cotton and remover. After the 3 minutes, simply twist right to left a few times and pull off the foil ball and there should be nothing left.

 If there is one lonely fleck of glitter of lacquer under your nail bed, get those small bits with a saturated q-tip.
 Buff each nail with a medium grained buffer.
 After buffing the nail add the nail protecting oil to the cuticle and area surrounding the nail bed.
 Add the baking soda to the warm water.
 While the Baking Soda mixes into the water apply a small dollop of whitening toothpaste to each nail.
 Dunk the had into the water and scrub off with the nail brush.
 Allow the hand to soak in the water for about 5-10 minutes.
After drying the hands massage in hand and nail lotion and...
Voila! You have stain free (and relaxed) fingers!


  1. I've been wandering where you were! So sorry to hear about your family member and your stomach flu! Hoping for a speedy recovery for both! Thanks for the awesome tips about how to go about removing the nail polish! I hate taking off polish but it comes with the joy/beauty of having polished nails!


    1. Thanks for the well wishes, we are getting away this weekend and taking a breather! But regular posts will resume next week, thanks for checking in and so sorry to everyone for the lull


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