Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I Have A Secret...

I rarely wear deodorant, aside from the awful chemical smell and feeling like there is cream cheese in my armpits, I sweat very little and have a non existent body odor, Ive been told I have a smaller set of sweat glands so attribute that freakish malformation to my not so typical body size.
Sometimes if it is reeeeally hot I will wear a non scented hypoallergenic antiperspirant so that if I do sweat I wont make small wet spots on my clothes. But this is where my issues comes in, I HATE the chemicals in antiperspirant, they're typically full of parabens and chemicals that aren't great for anyone. So usually I just say NO! But what about all you other women that need to wear deodorant/antiperspirant? The healthy ones with normal sweat glands, you deserve a natural chemical free deodorant experience.
I may have found the secret bullet!

Rachel Winard from Etsy shop Soapwalla has made an all natural vegan friendly deodorant cream!!!
And my goodness does it smell delicious! Rich with jojoba oil, lavender and mint, vegetable powders and clays. Shes a genius and at 12 bucks a pop you cant beat the price! Even if you use this some of the time you'll have softer smoother underarm skin, its like armpit spa therapy.
I haven't tried any of the other Soapwalla products but will be ordering more to review within the month.

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