Thursday, July 26, 2012

Do You Viddy?

*Update-so I just realized Viddy videos won't load on all devices so in case the screen below is not showing my video, you can view it here instead.

For some time I've had the "Viddy" App on my iPhone, there is something really fun about being able to personalize a 15 second snippet of your life, and talk about easy to use! I look forward to making fun little vignettes to share with you guys in the future.
That said. I had never really used it till last Sunday when Jeremy decided to record this candid moment that me and Rilo share nightly. Like clock work for as long as I can remember Jeremy and I always have a bowl of cereal while we watch "Alfred Hitchcock Presents" at 10:00pm every night. Come hell or high water me, Jeremy, and Rilo will be parked on that bed with a bowl of frosted mini-wheats or cheerios humming along to "Funeral March of the Marrionette" and Rilo knows that the last 3 bites out of mama's bowl are always hers- Mostly, because who could resist the dainty little bites off of a spoon from my gentle giant, and also because I'm the one with the lactaid in my cereal so she knows she won't get bubble guts. So in honor of my beautiful baby love I wanna share my first public viddy...

 ...Yes, we are crazy dog people and not afraid to show it!

-PS: Viddy uses its own music to personalize, and "March of the Marrionette" was not a choice so I had to use the most similar sounding song, does anyone know if you can use outside music snippets with viddy? I welcome all tips and tricks.

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