Sunday, June 3, 2012

Weekend Notes

This weekend consisted of a much needed convo with my best friend, Daniel, you know when you have those moments with some one you've known for years and its like no time has past, ugh! its the best!
Aside from catching up, me and the hubby visited one of our favorite local spots for Bim Bap, Bulgogi and Kimchi. I grew up in Hawaii so I need my Korean food fix at least twice a month, if you've never tried this delicious symphony of flavor find a good mom and pop in your area and run don't walk there right now!
After nursing the Bim Bap baby that developed as a result of too much sticky rice, I decided to make a little jewelry (DIYs to come). Geodes and Morse Code are two current obsessions.

I have a pretty intense collection of stones and its always fun to use them in jewelry projects. Stones are beautiful organic creations of nature, and I believe they emit different energy and can really alter your state of mind, that said I was in need of some Angelite this weekend so this geode was perfection!

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