Sunday, June 3, 2012

DIY Simplicity

I am a lover of simplicity, that said my DIY jewelry tends to reflect that style. I had an obsession with those little Morse code necklaces but while vacationing last month in Virgina Beach I stopped into one of my favorite boutiques only to learn that that tiny delicate piece of beauty was a whopping 200$. Worth every penny I'm sure, but far beyond my means! I snapped a picture and was inspired to create a whole set for less than 15 bucks! in a later post I will share my take on Morse code jewelry but for now here is a happy accident I'm currently loving...

I usually head down to the local craft depot and pick through string and beads for hours, however these supplies are simple and you may already have them. 

Silk or Organic Cotton string 1.99 (I've tried hemp and it just wasn't soft enough to weave around the beads).
Metallic beads .99 for15 (I used silver here but use any assortment to personalize it)
Metallic Ring Posts 2.99 bag of 3 (You'll need pronged ones, but get an assortment for later projects).

 I noticed that a knitting needle is needed sometimes to weave frayed string through prongs, but feel it out as you go, you may be able to just use your fingers.
 Take about a 4-5 inch piece of string and thread on one bead, thread the string through the first prong and then wrap the string back around that prong, this will secure the first bead into place. Do this again for your second bead and prong.
Continue to thread on beads, wrapping string around the prongs in between until you reach the last prong.

Weave the free edge back around each prong making sure to pull tightly enough to show each prong. When you reach the other side tie off with other free edge and snip close to the base. You can play around with the types of ties and weaving you use to create a staggered bead patter, but I prefer a simple straight line of beads and a small knot at either end.

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