Thursday, June 7, 2012

Summer Love

The actual start of Summer is June 20! Spring really flew by this year. With the inevitable heat approaching I thought it would be a good time to share some products I'm loving for warm weather this year. Most are old standbys while others are some newer favorites...

 Mario Badescu was recommended by my Abuela (of course she did because she is awesome!). If for only the smell you must try this product, its like you split open an Aloe Vera plant and bottled it! It rinses away make-up dirt and oil while leaving your skin balanced, and by balanced I mean if you didn't have time to moisturize after using this, you'd be fine! No tight feeling, and I'm a Retin-A user! A plus with this product is its soap free, it also exfoliates with papaya and citrus which is great in the summer from all the build up you get from sweating. Did I mention its only 12 bucks?!?

 I have been a long time user of Bobbi Brown cosmetics, as a teenager I searched high and low for a color match for my Hispanic olive toned skin. My mother introduced me to Bobbi Brown and I have been a happy customer ever since! In the cooler months or when I need heavier coverage I use the Oil Free Even Finish Compact Foundation, But on a hot summer day, this tinted light coverage mix is perfection the added SPF is a bonus but I usually double up with a sunscreen if I'm going to be out in the sun long. Bobbi has great videos on how to use the product correctly, check out the link above and look around a bit.

Earth Science's Clarifying herbal astringent helps clear up any break outs and is good to swipe in your T-zone to prevent a shine, for those of you with more combo-dry skin I wouldn't recommend an astringent at all. But if you're on the shiny side like me this astringent is perfect, it has witch hazel which is a natural astringent that calms redness. This product is also paraben free.

Kiehls has always been a staple in my medicine cabinet for the many skin woes of my adolescence, but the two products I've always stuck by have been the #1 Lip balm which doesn't contain phenol or salicylic acid (YES that salicylic acid that eats away at zits! Surprisingly these two ingredients are added to many of the brands most of us love, sadly they perpetuate dry chapped lips instead of solving the problem because they want you to keep buying the product). Khiels lip balm is a bit more expensive but worth it because it will heal and protect your lips eliminating a constant need for lip balm and chap stick. The added SPF is a bonus.

Damage Repair Serum also by Kiehls packs all the antioxidants you can imagine into a light gel that absorbs instantly and leaves your face feeling nourished and refreshed. It repairs old damage (because lets face it, we were all 15 once and baked by the pool a few summers with nothing more than a bikini and some SPF4 oil), and speeds up the renewal of current damage, ie-That popped zit that left a funky scabby patchy thing, it will fade quicker! This product is also certified organic.

I could do a whole separate post on perfume, its a bit of an addiction that both my mother and grandmother have, the men in our family call us blood hounds because we can pick out the specific notes in most scents!
Jo Malone is an excellent producer of pure, timeless, elegant scents, period. I have not smelled one scent I did not enjoy by this brand. This year Wild Bluebell is my summer scent its light and earthy, it literally smells like fresh bluebells and there is a very distinct undertone of dewy grass, I kid you not! its like waking up in a field every morning when i put it on!

Last but certainly not least is Moroccan oil hydrating styling cream, I stand by the original oil most of the year but in the summer it can be a bit too saturating, even for my thick curls so I switched over to the cream. You'd think the cream would be more saturating but its light and packed with the same delicious scent as the original. Check out the link I placed above, the Moroccanoil website has a pretty interesting video on using the product correctly which will not only show you how to conserve your product but also how to get the best out of it and make it work for you.

I hope this gives you a head start on your summer product round up, what are some of your new summer favorites and old standbys?

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