Saturday, June 23, 2012

Girl on Girl Hate

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This post is a bit of a hybrid, half of it stems from something I recently witnessed that pains me and half from my straight up disgust for the girl on girl hate that keeps popping up in the media!
Recently I witnessed a level of cattiness that could only rival that of Regina George, Although I did not partake in it I was still affected to the point of disgust and couldn't speak to anyone afterwards not even my closest friend for days because of it, it was like poison. I kept asking myself, "where would such words come from?' After mulling over the  personal attacks on almost every woman she knows I came to a conclusion: insecurity.
Insecurity breeds the worse kind of girl hate there is, "girl on girl" hate. Anytime one girl can rip apart another girl whether its "juicy gossip" or "drama" that girl is seriously insecure with herself, whether it be hatred of ones size or weight, hatred of ones personal beliefs, hatred of ones relationship status/woes, I can guarantee 99% of the time its because those aspects of their life are not healthy and the person is insecure with that fact.

I was brought to a place that was so low after hearing such salacious mouth trash that I had to vow to myself to never participate in this no matter how minor it seems. I don't want to make any other woman, ever feel like I felt. It really made me think, how many times have I said horrible things based on my own insecurities, I'm sure a number of times! That sickens me, I'm pleading with you girls PLEASE be aware of what leaves your lips everyday, regardless of who or what context it is in, words are damaging! We deal enough with men breaking us down every fucking day, lets not be self defeating and help them out! Be proud of the fact that you are a woman a miracle in its own right, a temple as sacred as any other intuitive creature, love yourself and love each other.
These are a few articles and posts I found demonstrating how harmful girl hate is:
The Daily Beast posted this article and video on how damaging the hating can be to celebrities too.
Sarah Yates Post: Please read the comments after this post Kate over at theforgetfulwife left a great comment of her experience with girl hate while traveling.

CHEERS to all of you girls for speaking up on girl hating!

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