Thursday, June 28, 2012

3 Hair DIYs for Summer...

So as you girls knows the summer is the time to embrace dirty locks, washing hair (especially if you aren't a blow dryer like me) can be a chore, and styling dirty hair can be even more tiresome, yes we have the top knot but what else is a dirty headed girl to do in a pinch?!?Here are my 3 go to styles for dirty summer hair

 The Textured Side Braid:
The Side Fishtail w/Bow 
 Half Back with Turban Tie

To begin you'll need a dry or moose shampoo, a brush, bobby pins, hair elastic (clear or color of hair), Hair clip, head bands, I'm using a band with a wire insert from mod cloth which can be purchased here, but any scarf or wrap will do.


Textured Side Braid:
Spray or apply dry shampoo and brush out any tangles.Take the front section of your hair where it naturally parts and twist back and secure with a pin. Pull all hair to one side, grab one section braid and secure. Now section into 3 parts (one section being the braided piece) and braid normally. The braided section within the large braid will offer texture. Secure the end with a clear elastic.


Side Fishtail With Bow:
Pull brushed hair to one side and secure in low side ponytail. Separate ponytail into two sections, and fishtail braid (if you aren't familiar with the fishtail braid check out this DIY video). Secure the end with a clear or hair colored elastic. Take your scarf or hair band and apply center to nape of your neck, meeting the free ends at the top of your head. twist or tie into a small bow, tucking in free ends. This is easiest with a wire insert but can be done with a regular scarf as well. Tug a little at the exposed hair up front and at the braid to give a little texture and volume.

photo_12 photo_11

Half Back with Turban Tie:
This is the easiest! Simply sleep in one of the above braids to allow a natural wave to form. the next morning take out your braid and tousle the hair. With a scarf wrap from the nape of the neck, twist at the top of the head and tie, tucking the free edges under the band. After you have the band on tug a bit at the front of your hair to give a bit of texture. With a small pin or clip pull back half of the hair and secure, you'll want to do this a bit higher than usual because you want a little volume or hump- think Bridget Bardot.


Thanks for sharing!