Wednesday, June 6, 2012

After the Rain

We've had some pretty nasty storms here in my little suburban pocket outside the district. At one point we had a tornado warning or watch (can never decipher what each means). So yesterday and today have been such a treat! Sun is out and begging for us all to go frolic. Here are a few pictures of how the plants and flowers are enjoying the sun after the rain.
angel plants

azaleas in bloom
violet azaleas blossoms in old ink well jar

If you can get out into the sun even for only a few minutes to enjoys any flowers do it, it'll really brighten anyone's mood, and if the weathers bad bring your blossoms inside to brighten up any dreary area.
A side note... This was the pitiful scene in our bedroom last week. Jeremy and I were awoken to the loud crashes of thunder followed by our whimpering 75lb beast who is sometimes afraid of her own shadow. Rilo is huge and can paw at our door knob! She jumped into bed and fell asleep with her nose literally in my side, and yes those are her feet at the end of our bed, she likes to sleep human style! my sweet baby love!
sorry for the flash, it was pitch black and 2am

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