Friday, June 8, 2012

This Weekend...

We are so excited for the fun foodie extravaganza happening this Saturday! Come join us at...
Georgetown Cupcake 

The Annual Taste of Georgetown! 11am-4pm between Wisconsin Ave.& M St. NW. Tickets are a steal! 20 bucks gets you 5 tastings from any stand, and these are pretty awesome stands people! There is also a separate ticket if you want to do wine tasting, 10 bucks gets you 3 drinks! Yep you read right 10 bucks, and with metro you have your DD already planned. My advice is to metro/cab in and get there early, the later you go the longer you'll be waiting for popular stands. Some of the stands I'm looking forward too are...and yes, there is a trend, I have a hardcore sweet tooth brewing...

Georgetown Cupcake: (Try the white chocolate raspberry, its baked with Madagascar bourbon vanilla and fresh raspberries this monthly special is only available in June).
Shut Your Piehole: Making its debut here and opening in fall, see the history of it all here.
 Serendipity3: This local favorite holds the worlds most expensive ice-cream sundae! No, not a gimmick! This is actually the worlds most expensive sundae, called "The Golden Opulant Sundae" It has gold on it and is more of a masterpiece than an ice cream confection.
Thunder Burger: Ive never been to Thunder burger, but have heard amazing reviews and I'm down for an excuse to try several perfectly prepared burgers anytime.

To see the entire list of vendors or more information about the taste of Georgetown visit their website here, and remember to not drink and drive. Have a safe and happy weekend!

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