Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Summer Updates and BOMW

I cant believe we've reached the mid-way point of July already! Where is the time going!?! Jeremy and I have planned a wonderful "real" vacation to Chincoteague next month with one of our dearest and oldest friends, Rachel. The owner of the rental said that the island have wild pony! Can you even fathom waking up to a beach that is home to wild pony?!? We're both super excited! I'm a little worried for Rilo's reaction to the pony, but then again this is the dog who thought our friends horse was just a large dog, my sweet baby, so friendly that one. I can't wait to share all the fun details of our week there. Have any of you been to Chincoteague? If so feel free to share great places to visit on the island. I'm currently working on editing all of the nail DIYs I've promised as well as jewelry DIYs and the "beauty branch" post. I also did a little cleanup on the page, hope you like it, I felt that my side bar was overcrowded with stuff (ie-search bar, that's never used, and blog roll that hadn't been updated since day one) my new "alternating" roll can now be found on the top tab, eventually I will be posting a best of the web series there as well that will hold a weekly round-up of what I thought was the best of what I saw on the blogosphere that week. Here's a few bits of my week, there are kind of a lot due to my photo upload issues while visiting the grandparents, I had a wonderful time there. My grandmother gave me a lot of vintage pieces, so excited to finally share...

Vintage lace nightgowns made by my great grandmother ca 1940s

Jeremy and I got 2LBS of our favorite candy to aid in our watchathon of Land Girls (on netflix)

Bed picnic from Cheesecake Factory: Thai lettuce wraps and Orange chicken
 Amethyst and gold ring that has been in our family for generations.

 Vntage deco style tear drop earrings, so excited to pair these with my other mint pieces

  Cute knotted cord sandals I found at H&M for 10 bucks over the weekend, on the hunt for the nude ones now!

I've been using nothing but my favorite mascara and this fabulous gel based lip and cheek stain this month

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