Thursday, July 12, 2012

Right here, right now...

 me and my abuela 1986 

Sorry I've been MIA the past few days, things have been crazy around here. I'm currently visiting my grandparents, and although I miss Jeremy, something about being here makes me feel like I'm home, all these things, these knick-knacks from my childhood sit around me, like they're locked in time, and have the ability to bring about the most intense and amazingly powerful nostalgia. Gosh, do I love that feeling. My grandparents have this huge linen closet right outside my bedroom and the scent that emminates from it literally smells like home. Crisp cool linens take me to nights long ago where I'd lay in my grandmas bed with her and just listen to any and every story she could tell me, I cherish that memory like it is a rare jewel, I guess to me it is. Anyways, I'll be sharing more about my trip here in the next few days. I'm having some issues uploading photos here so hoefully I'll have plenty up soon.

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