Monday, July 16, 2012

Currently Liking...

I've been into these things the past week or two, perhaps its the lack of Mad Men (now that the season is over) or all the time I spent at my grandmothers, but something about the late 50's early 60s has had me currently liking the following...

Lace panel making a top more feminine, paired with delicate jewelry
Mint vintage bag with gold and leather accents 

Mint sunglasses with heart detail

well worn cut-offs, not exactly a throw back but pairs well with everything

Side swept Veronica Lake hair with only mascara and a spritz of Chanel no.5


  1. i love the necklace in the first photo, so sweet and delicate!

    1. Thank you Nesha, It was a Valentines Day gift from my hubby, I love it too :)

      Btw-I absolutely LOVE your blog, I'm adding you to my roll!


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