Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! 

Hope all of you are having a fun and safe evening! This week we've been packing and bringing over more and more stuff and bit by bit everything is falling into place. Saturday is quickly approaching but it looks like everything will be moving along smoothly. Today I headed over to the new place with Rilo on my own to get her acquainted with her new home and yard. Within minutes she had a boyfriend! A gorgeous and very sweet Husky/Wolf hybrid (I'll get a pic to post soon) named Toby. Toby lives next door, both of the backyards are fenced but open up to a big field for Rilo and Toby to play in!We're relieved and excited for her new friendship. 

She seemed to love the new house and even fell a asleep while I messed with my gardening beds out back (you can see one of the three on the right side of the backyard yard in the first picture, that will soon hold lots of yummy veggies, oh and that potty pad was not for Rilo it was to wipe off my muddy boots lol). I then smudged the house from top to bottom and lit a few candles and did a few other things I typically do to prepare a new place before we move in. Our new home is so warm and so light and everything feels so right these days... I feel so blessed with how things have played out, so very blessed.

I've been making myself craft or read (from an actual book) every night to unwind before bed, so of course most nights I knit! This was the last of Noah's hats, mitts and booties sets, this slouchy beanie set is by far my favorite, can't wait to see him looking all cool in it! Thank goodness Noah will be cousins with our kid so that we can get some of these nice things back as hand me downs...

I continued my people and possessions purge this week, it was something I felt my soul needed. I got rid of things that I didn't want in our new home, some are actual objects but some were just attitudes, energy, and people, I don't need to have or be around or even exposed to. I will be posting a journal entry in the upcoming weeks about this change I've made, this conscious effort to stick to my instincts and not be afraid of the outcome, and letting go of all the other things that led to this so-called "purging" It has been an amazing experience and has given me a sense of peace I haven't felt in years... I wish I'd of done it sooner but, everything happens in its own time and in its own way.

Awesome album I can't get enough of this week. I've shared in the past my struggle with panicking whenever I have to pack so moving tends to be rough. As I'm sure it is for anyone that struggles OCD in any aspect of their lives. This album of native flutes and earth songs puts me in such a calm state of mind I found myself being relaxed and positive during packing! Listen to "Riding With Thunder" It is AMAZING and so empowering!

 My Halloween evil eye manicure!!! I kinda love this for year round and it was on point with my "people/ possessions" purge this week. Once I unpack my nail stuff I want to do a different version on a nude nail with gold pyramid, but for now I'm digging the ox-blood and gun metal.

The best part of packing is sorting through old things that stay tucked away, these are our old love letters and doodles and crafty things Jeremy and I made each other back in college when we were just dating and only saw each over the weekends...ahhh, memories. By the way, "bubbls" is supposed to be "bubbls", it has a special meaning <3  

 I'm sure other people have realized this but it was a new find to me, wrapping candles in the millions of scarves we have so they don't break, instead of getting newspaper all over my hands. Plus it makes less trash, and being Eco-friendly is always good.

 While sorting through things I realized I have a hoarding problem with cosmetics samples! In my defense a lot are due in part to my birchbox subscription that I've since cancelled, and my sister-in-law gave my a huge bag of Mario Badescu stuff (which I use and love) from a trade show at Ulta that she went too. I think I may do a give away with some of these.

 One of my favorite novels is "House of Spirits" so when I stumbled upon another one of Isabel Allende's books I knew I'd love it! I'm really enjoying this at the end of each day before bed.

 I'm gonna go ahead and recommend a front loader to all other short people in the world! This washer and dryer set is amazing! and so much easier to do laundry with, I only washed a few towels but even that was a lot easier than our old klunckers! Excuse my awful contrast and lack of continuity a lot of my camera stuff is packed or scattered between homes so some are phone pics.

 Big book of Georgia O'Keefe prints that we're mounting and framing for the new place. 

Rilo's first ride in my new car, She was a little nervous about being in a two door but she still enjoyed the ride, as did the people who laughed at us at a stop light when she decided to take a peak out of the sun roof! 
Now that I'm looking at this she does looks really scared lol... She is used to Jeremy being the driver so she probably was confused.

I hope everyone is loading up on plenty of candy and scary movies, we plan on watching some of our favorite old horror films and relaxing before another day of boxing up stuff. I'm trying my hardest to keep posting through the move but if there is a lag, I apologize and I'll be back soon with all types of happy new news and crafts to share!


  1. I can't wait to see pictures of your house once you're settled and moved in! What a precious pup! If you have time, please enter our giveaway at:


  2. So funny, I was entering it as you left this comment! We must be on the same wave length!
    I hope to return with tons of pics once we get our Internet up and running, we had to have new wiring laid so it's been a bit longer than expected and using 3G for blogging is not the greatest :/
    I can't wait to return and share all the fun projects I've been working on, I'm in desperate need to create and share!
    Awesome Giveaway btw, so exciting to see Ida Ford growing :)


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