Friday, October 26, 2012


This week has a bit of a warm one for October, I'm calling it our Indian Summer, amidst the mounds of laundry and packing I captured a few bits of my week...

Korey and Monica at a BBQ
Siblings connections are one of those things you don't understand unless you have it. It is a bond that is far greater than sharing blood relation. Korey has been my rock when I needed and we've grown into having a mutual respect and compassion for one another that is indestructible. That said, I received a text from him after we hung up from our daily convo, we'd been discussing philosophy and politics (Korey has his BA in philosophy and is one of the few that used it by attending graduate school for public policy and ethics, he is one of the smartest people I know). Anyways, we we're talking about ones existence and while looking back at our particularly "rough" childhood we discussed how it would be for one of us with out having the other, after wrapping up, I received the following text...

 And it brought me to tears... I love my brother so much! Korey Borey if you're reading this, ditto <3

I made my escape with Kristie to Cold Stone Creamery this week and enjoyed the perfect coffee flavored pick me up I'd needed. It was Kristie's first time to Cold Stone (insane, I know!). I have never seen joy like the joy of a 9 month pregnant woman who has just tasted her first bite of Cold Stone, It was glorious!

Aside from ice cream, I have been obsessed with Terra Chips lately, OMG they are so crunchy and some are sweet and some are salty, its the perfect blend, and HELLO! a full serving of veggies in every ounce!

 I saw this overpriced oven-mit at a local department store and realized I could knit it! DIY to come.

I am in love with this celtic knot pillow, I found some similar knit cording and will be making this for the new place (I'll share once it is fine tuned).

New Fall favorites by Essie in Wicked and Yogaga.
I've shared my skin troubles with you guys in past posts, I have struggled with Acne in my 20's and scarring from acne and surgical scares as a result of my car accident. I stopped using Retin-A months ago and dealt with rebound break outs, until I began using the Jan Marini Regimen. BioGlycolic Cream during the day with SPF 30, and BioGlycolic BioClear at night. This is a morning picture before washing my face, you can see spots are fading and scarring is improving. If you have or still suffer from acne and hate the idea of putting harsh chemicals like Retin-A on your face, I recommend this regimen. Both are kind of pricey, but they last forever and are totally worth it. (btw, glycolic acid, the active ingredient, is also a wrinkle preventative, so its a two in one).
Its no secret that American Television has never been my favorite thing, I go most weeks without turning on the TV unless its for the news. My weakness is BBC shows! Probably a result of watching British classics like 'One Foot in the Grave' and 'Are You Being Served' with my grandparents as a child. Well, since PBS has launched PBS BBC a lot of the shows I usually have to purchase to watch are now available on the PBS iPad app or online here for free! My most recent love is "Call the Midwife" I am in love with the character of Chummy and love that PBS took on a show that spotlights midwifery (in the East End of London in the early 50s at that!). The show deals with relevant issues of the time (and the present too), like lack of funding, geriatric care, and stereotypes that plague the lower end of the socioeconomic stratum. All of the shows are based on the journal entries of one young midwife. I know, I tend to ramble about my shows but please watch! you wont be let down!!!
If you would like to support local broadcasting, donate to PBS like us, here!

I hope you have all had a splendid week!

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  1. That is so sweet about your brother! I am excited for the DIY's to come on the oven mitt and pillow! I love Coldstone--it's the best ice cream! :)


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