Tuesday, October 9, 2012


It has been quite a busy month so far, I feel like I haven't posted in ages! We had an immediate family member undergo surgery so we had our hands full helping out, and then I got sick so I spent about a week in bed with soup and crackers. I think sometimes it can be good to take a break when it comes to blogging, it allows us to take a deep breath and become inspired again. Although, next time I take a forced hiatus I think I will play around with scheduled posts so you guys aren't left wondering what happened to me. 
This weekend Jeremy and I took a trip to the mountains, which are by far one of my favorite places to be (next to the ocean of course). We stayed near Harpers Ferry out in Purcellville,Virgina and Oh my gosh! talk about a perfect place to be in the fall! We got our fill of little road side general stores, vineyards, and small cobblestone towns, it was perfect and much needed. We are hoping to make it back down for their annual Fall Festival.
Here are a few bits of my week, with highlights from our trip...
How beautiful is this place!?!
We had dinner at a pasta bar and OH MY WORD! this was the best pasta I have ever had!  

 We found these and had to get them for baby Noah! Anything with an elephant and the word "auntie" and I'm sold!
 This is what happens when you search Groupon after drinking a lot of wine... we have a box of hundreds of gourmet mystery flavor lolly pops!
Delicious Soap from a roadside market, I actually got to meet the friendly folks that made this soap...
 This was my favorite one out of the many scents
 We found this cute little general store that was the perfect back drop to the first chilly sunset of fall
 Inside they had yummy treats...
 beautiful handmade goods
 And healthy little drinks they package themselves
 When I asked the cashier, Ruth who the owner was she replied, "we all are" this amazing shop was a co-op run by a local intentional community! Ruth told us about her experiences as a member of this friendly community and her travels to Brazil to learn about teas. Then something amazing happened, they invited us to come back and stay at their beautiful farm...
"for a week or forever" to absorb how an intentional community works.
 I know this probably sounds odd and I have not openly talked about it on Easy Peazy but Jeremy and I have played around for years with the idea of moving to an intentional community. We have always loved the idea of living a completely sustainable life and living off of the land, especially after we start a family. I don't know where this will lead us but I will document our weekend there soon for anyone else who also has a bit of wanderlust.

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  1. Everything looks so fall-spectacular! I'm glad you got to spend a weekend away with your husband after a stressful start to the month! This place looks amazing!!


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