Tuesday, November 20, 2012

I'm so in Love...

With my home that is, all of its magical nooks and crannies, all of its history (the two wonderful Buddhists who lived and past here at the age of 102) all of the wonder and life it holds, every crack and creek and smell of time. I love it all, I've never been so inspired and at peace in all aspects of my life, everything is just so right.

 I wanna share a few of my favorite things here that make this house the wonderful home it has become...

When I wake up the floors are still chilly from the night before, so I have to wear my fuzzy boots. And in my nightgown, I dance to get my heart going for the day!

My meditation room has my heart and soul within it. Its a place I come to reflect and let go, I chose to mount my favorite Georgia O'Keefe paintings from her desert series, The colors are perfect and a pleasure to look at. (PS- I made that large pallet)

And I realize this sounds weird, but if you know me, I tend to be a bit weird...
On this shelf in the meditation room where my first Reiki certificate for level one resides with my symbols from my second seminar there is an orb/swatch of purple and green residing. I questioned even sharing this, but who cares! Its a part of who I am and I'm not going to hide that fact on my own blog. Its in every photo, at all times day/night/darkness/light/even candle light or inverting the image to make sure its not dust or light (do you see it up there on the left). Even before the shelf or symbols were moved in I saw this colored light above the door to this room in photos, but chose not to post it, maybe I will on Flickr though. Green is the color that represents healing and the heart Chakra, and purple or violet is the crown Chakra and represents a spiritual consciousness. The crown Chakra is thought to be "open" while practicing Reiki...
I've just learned to welcome it, and know it probably means I'm on the right path in the healing arts. I like to think its the aura of my open crown Chakra or a guide who is pleased, whatever it is, its warm and loving so I welcome its presence and wanted to share. 
Okay enough with Metaphysical 101 and my orbs lol...

I have this spot on a throw rug in our bedroom that picks up the sunlight wonderfully, I love to sit here with coffee or tea and read and absorb... And yes that is one of my many scars and I'm okay with it showing if you are! 

We have so many nooks to fill still. These little caverns are what I fell for when we first saw this home, it gave it so much character. For now my favorite fall boots and sweater hang here, but I'll think of something else soon. Feel free to leave suggestions!

My pain from my accident is still chronic, but I'm happy here and find my surroundings soothing to my neck and back. Our big soft bed helps on days I need to just take it easy. I'm sure changing location, lifestyle, and people I surround myself with has helped but either way it is such a relief to me to have our bed back full of pillows and crisp white sheets.

Downstairs in the living room you can visually see me and Jeremy meld together in the details. There are always fresh flowers, this white bundle is in a cute thrifted dairy creamer (I found that for .25 cents!) the Candle sticks are also thrifted, they needed a good cleaning but for 2 bucks you cant beat it! We chose to display our engagement announcement interior with our favorite quote from Jack Kerouac's, "Dharma Bums"

This room wouldn't be me without Hitchcock books and a few elephants! The pillows I made from fabric from Ikea. And the marble "elees" are a gift from one of my Dad's many travels around the world. This living room is such a great mixture of memories, its sleek like Jeremy likes but cozy for me and full of personal touches. The wildflowers are in unmatched tumblers (also thrifted for .50/each) which make a wonderful stout little bouquet...

I took more wildflowers and the unmatched thrifted tumblers to use for our Thanksgiving centerpiece, I added our "Family" sign, a marriage gift, with the leftover gourds and pumpkins from Kristie's baby shower decor. Added a double wick pumpkin spiced candle to complete this for only 7 bucks total! I think it turned out good. I have some knitted place mats I have to finish up before Turkey day that will complete it.

Last Christmas we got this great espresso machine and I found these darling little cups and saucers at Ikea for only a buck for each set! I will be using a sharpie to write a little something for us both and baking them, as seen here on A Beautiful Mess... thanks for the idea Elsie :) My favorite picture (taken by Jeremy) of Rilo and I completes this dining room shelf and adds a personal touch.

I hope You enjoyed this short tour of why I love our new home so much! There will be more to come...

All of you guys have been so supportive during our move in comments and emails, I appreciate that you even find this outlet for my creativity interesting and wanna take a moment (with it being Thanksgiving soon) to tell you how incredibly grateful and thankful I am to have met such wonderful girls on this blog journey, whether I was dealing with rough waters or easy seas you were there to listen and give feedback. Thank you and I can't wait to share more of my journey with you.


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  1. Congrats of moving into your new home! Everything looks so beautiful.
    i especially love the flowers and candle stick table set up. I think it's so beautiful and inspiring that you show you scars proudly.

    Have a happy Thanksgiving my blogging buddy!



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